Andrea by the sea

Be Wonderful Women holds workshops desinged to help women learn techniques to empower, motivate and inspire you on a journey towards personal growth and self-awareness. 

These workshop will incorporate useful tools and techniques in helping you improve your mental wellbeing, elements of body work and discussions. This will be interactive and explorative, based in an intimate, safe and calming space, sharing with other like minded women.

After living in Portsmouth, I have come to see through my own personal experience, as a resident and that of being a Psychotherapist how important it was to meet with other women, gather in the warmth of belonging and finding a space for open discussion and championing women's issues.   

In using my skills as a Psychotherapist/Life Coach, I took the next step in setting up 'Be Wonderful Women'  with an aim in reaching out to women of all ages and all communities in improving mental wellbeing, boosting confidence and self-esteem, with acceptance.

Be Wonderful Women's Workshops will be facilitated by myself, Andrea and a team of like minded women as we share our wealth of experience.

Please feel free to explore, share with friends our page and meet with others in gathering.